REVIEW | Everyone “bytes” the dust in Glitchpunk

Do you remember the first two Grand Theft Auto games? Since the Rockstar Games franchise would only gain big fame with its thrid entry, few people know how were the first GTA games. The first two GTA games were in a top-down view and had simple mechanics. Glitchpunk is a new title by … that follows that same style, but ditches the colorful and dargerous streets for a dark and neon litted cyberpunk world.

Mixing a lot of action with RPG elements, Glitchpunk, by Daedalic Entertainment, gives a new approach to the cyberpunk game genre and, after playing in this distopyan cybernetic world for a couple of weeks, I present you a full review of Glitchpunk — with a game copy provided for PC (Steam) by Terminals.

A little glitch here, a little glitch there

As a GTA-inspired game, you can buy different types of gun directly at vending machines that are scattered all over the city. Ah, but you can also just grab a new weapon when you gun down someone. Overall, the combat feels fine, weapons make satisfying sounds, and kill people and things is a very fun as hell.

Nevertheless, Glitchpunk lacks some features that would help the game truly stand out amongst the various similar titles released nowadays. The simple combat consists of pointing your gun at things and pulling the trigger, or hitting your enemies in the head with a stun baton or other melee weapon. At least this main gameplay mechanic is enhanced by your ability to hack things around you.

The world of Glitchpunk is actually pretty huge. Walking from one side of the city to the other takes a long time — although the roads make no sense in this futuristic place. Fortunately, you can always go ahead and grab yourself a vehicle. Driving is easy, despite the fact that the cars are not so good to control.

The RPG element of Glitchpunk is present in the factions. You will need to align yourself with one of them and complete their missions to progress in the story. Depending on which faction you choose, it will change how much experience points you will earn, the weapons that will become available to you and even how the other factions will behave with you. Therefore, be careful with the game’s story balance.

Although the game has already left Early Access, ironically there are still some technical issues, bugs and glitches present. The frame rate occasionally suffers sudden variations and some element from the scenario seem to not load correctly.

In terms of story, Glitchpunk follows the same path trailed by other games with dystopian futures, only here all the characters feel like they are angry teenagers trying to disobey the parents. Trust me, you will be better not paying attention to the story at all and just focus on the action and adventure gameplay.

It’s just a glitch

In the end, Glitchpunk is a good cyberpunk action-adventure game. Just that. I don’t think that spending more hours in the game will change my opinion for better or worse: it will just remain the same. If you are looking for a game that combine high detailed visuals with a top-down perspective and manages to deliver a solid gameplay experience, Glitchpunk will be a good choice for you.

Final Opinion: OK

By Luís Antônio Costa

O Ponto e Vírgula é uma página que pausa a rotina cotidiana para falar de tudo e mais um pouco, por Luís Antônio Costa.

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Ponto e Vírgula

Ponto e Vírgula

O Ponto e Vírgula é uma página que pausa a rotina cotidiana para falar de tudo e mais um pouco, por Luís Antônio Costa.

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